Hours, Miles, and Nights

How to Get There

In the Plan badge, select the Plan an Event options from the drop down menu.  


How it Works

To assign hours, camping nights (and Boy Scout Miles),  select the appropriate boxes in the first column of the Advanced Tab (Boy Scout Miles are not shown in illustration).



To Record Hours, Nights, or Miles, select the Record Attendance option from the drop down menu in the Plan Badge.  Then select Attendance. 


You'll need to place your cursor in each of the indicated boxes, like you were going to edit it, and then press "enter" to confirm and carry down the hours, miles, or nights all the way down the column. Note that this will fill the box of every user who was invited, whether or not they actually attended the event. If they DID NOT attend the event, they won't get credit for it, even if you enter a number into their boxes here.



Here's a gif of the feature in action:


Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and press "Update" to save your changed. That's it! You're all done!



I am trying to get up to speed on participation tracking and am wondering if I’m overlooking the easy way.

We just completed a camp-out and went from the event to the ‘record participation’ screen. I see every member of our troop, >150 scouts and adults, sorted by RSVP status. I appreciate that I can record different numbers of nights and hiking miles per person. I would have liked to sort or down-select the list to only those that attended so I could focus on getting the event data right.

I ended up using the select check box to change the RSVP status to match the attendance status. Then I sorted on RSVP status to bring the attendees to the top of the list. Is there any possibility of adding a 'sort by attendence status 'button to facilitate the data entry. (A count of the selected records would be helpful, too.)


Bob Crocker
Troop 111, Fremont, CA

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