Manage - Pack Leadership Positions

Manage Feature-

I’m looking for a ‘Manage Pack Positions’ feature. I’m building our pack committees and would like to see a view of the positions we have with the current adult leader (or multiple leaders) in that role based on the date. Ideally I could close out their term on the same screen and designate a new person. There are the core roles any pack needs to have (committee chair, secretary, treasurer) but it would be nice to also be able to create additional roles as needed such as a ‘uniform exchange coordinator’. This would be a single screen to manage committees / position / leadership roles. If this exists, please point me where to look! Keep up the good work.

Jeff Freemyer


I’m with AHG and would also like the ability to add custom leadership positions.

I’d really like to see this added too. What is the TT recommended method for managing pack leadership positions?