Maybe replies not showing up on event details

When people reply “Maybe” to an event, they no longer show up anywhere on the Event Details page. It only shows the following categories: Coming, Not Coming, and No Response. What happened to the Maybe category people? When will the spot for Maybe replies be added back to the Event Details page?!?

(I think the Maybes disappeared when events changed to dynamic. I thought it would have been fixed by now… )

I was reminded of this because we are having a leader meeting tonight and an assistant leader just wrote to me asking why the leader for her unit wasn’t invited to the meeting. She was! And she replied “Maybe” (because that’s what we’re using for people who will attend vitually, via zoom). And so now she no longer shows up as having been invited – unless you edit the invitation and see her name checkmarked, or you go into Record RSVPs/Attendance and see the Maybe listed there.


Yes, please fix. For summer camp, there is an early bird discout. The boys who reply maybe are not sure they can come but are letting us know that they are going to miss that deadline.

I am having the same issue. We have a campout coming up and several families are ‘Maybe’ right now. I need to see those number to be able to account for them when planning for food. Please fix!

Our troop would also like to have the maybes count in the RSVP feature. This has been a problem since it was inplemented

Hi @ericsiebold2,

You can turn on the “maybe” setting by clicking on the gear icon, “edit Troop settings”, clicking on “TroopTrack settings” and then enabling the setting of “Allow members to use Maybe/Possibly Coming as an RSVP option (For events with no payment requirement)”.


David Keener

I just tested out the setting. But while the person can now pick Maybe as an option, the original issues still exists, in that the Maybe responses do not show up on the event details page like the Yes and No responses do.

As far as i can tell, if you turn the setting on and then some attendees pick Maybe as their RSVP, the ONLY way to see they are set to Maybe is to go into Attendance, Record Attendance/RSVPs and then scroll down the list of Invitees and see if any are set to Maybe. (And if you want a count, you count them yourself.)

That clearly isn’t as helpful as how it used to work, which was to see a “maybe” section (listing a total count and each name) in between the “coming” and “not coming” sections on the Event Details page.

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That is all done. But still can’t see maybes.

yeah that’s not helpful to not see it in the events page. that’s the only place we look. Thanks I will try what you said

Used to see a Maybe block in the event notice but not showing up today. It allows me to choose the Maybe option but only the Coming, Not Coming, and No Response sections are displayed.
(example: troop service day event)

Maybe response block still not visible in the calendar event details page.
The Maybe response is recorded as seen on Attendance > Record Attendance/RSVPs but users seldom look at that page until marking participation at or following an event.

Check your Settings (Gear Icon), Edit “Group Type” Settings, TroopTrack Settings, at the bottom of the first column there is a toggle for “Allow members to use Maybe/Possibly Coming as an RSVP option (For events with no payment requirement)” is it on or off? I just did a test with an upcoming event and everything worked as expected for my test event, perhaps there is some kind of bug specific to an older event and someone had RSVPd Maybe then the setting was turned off or payment requirement was enabled.

Yup - the toggle has been on since introduced and the event not showing Maybes created within the last month.

Created a test event just now and self-responded as Maybe. Only visible blocks are Coming, Not Coming, and No Response. I can see my Maybe status in the RSVP box but others cannot see my name in the event unless looking at the dedicated Attendance page.

This issue just cropped up for my Troop! Our Maybes are not showing up in the event details. The people are not showing that they have been invited. I have to go to the attendance tab where I can manually input who is coming and I saw that those people had replied with a maybe. Definitely an issue for planning purposes!!


Check the TroopTrack Settings page under General Settings and make sure Allow members to use Maybe/Possibly Coming as an RSVP option. Perhaps that was disabled after people had RSVPd Maybe.

It is enabled on the settings.

They are not showing.

Go ahead and send an e-mail to with a link to a specific event so he can look into what is going on.

Aaron, are you saying that when you look at the event details page for an event, you have a section called “Maybes” (or something like that) followed by the list of names that replied Maybe?

You don’t only have Yes, No, and Not Replied (or whatever those the heading names are)?

AfAIK, all of the responders here can see a “maybe” option when they RSVP (because they have the swing turned on). But they don’t have a “maybe” section on the events details page.

Yes, when you have the option enabled respondents to an event with no fee have a Possibly Going option.

Once someone responds as Possibly Going it shows as a separate section for the event.

This is what it should look like when an event has no fee and the option is enabled. The person I was responding to was saying that people who had responded as Possibly Going were not showing up at all.

@TreasurerOR0001, I wonder if the event had a fee added to it after they responded as Possibly going, that may have removed that section from the view since only events with no fee have the option for Possibly Going.

I just did some more testing and changed the global Maybe/Possibly setting off and added a fee to the event as well as required payment but the Maybe section stayed visible on my test event, your issue seems to be specific to your unit or that particular event so I would definitely send it over to if it continues to be an issue for other events.

Strange, my Event Details page looks different than yours, Aaron. (Thanks for the quick reply!!!) I don’t have a “Who’s Invited” section with Going, Possibly Going and Not Going within it. Instead I have 3 distinct sections with grey headers: Coming, Not Coming and No Response. I’ll email Dave!


Yep, it changes with the Dynamic Meeting Invitations enabled and does not show the Maybe/Possibly in the UI. I will get this over to Dave.