Medical Info - Suggestion

Every year our scouts submit an updated health and medical form (Part A and B). It would be great if I could go to Manage --> Medical Book and enter their new dates on that page. Currently (as far as I can see) I have to go into each individual scout profile and update it that way. That’s a lot of pages to go in and out of when we have a Pack of 50+ scouts!


I agree! I would like to populate those fields with a bulk update. Select girls, enter a date, hit update.


Seconded- a lot of our scouts get their updated AB/C forms right before summer camp, so we get a bunch of them at once.

I’d love to see the same option for our leaders. We have to fill in when all their forms were turned in, background checks, and other training was done. I’d love to be able to bulk enter all that stuff for our leaders!

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