Medical Info Book for BSA Units

We just released a new feature for BSA units - a medical info book. Go to Manage -> Medical Book to check it out. You can use it to see who is up to date with their medical part A, B, and C.

We also fixed a bug exporting equipment to a PDF.

Happy Friday!


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Thanks @dave!

This looks great!

May I suggest some minor improvements?

First, can the title include a byline or secondary title line that explicitly notes these dates are “completion dates?” My expectation when reviewing a report like this is that we see the expiration dates, because that’s what is important. We can do the mental math, and the exclamation marks are nice, but it’s not exactly easy on the eyes.

Next, can we get a second filter condition added for medical forms that are “active” or “expired/non-existant”?

Third… add this as a feature we can access directly in or for an event and you’ve struck real gold. Or possibly as a third filter condition, and choose an event from a list to limit to the people who have RSVP’d “Going.”




I agree with all that njmike said. I prefer to keep the “as completed” date and not an expiration in the field. I would like to be able to sort on the any of the date fields, as well.

But, first, please check the csv against the on-screen view. Data in Part C field on csv is not correct. Possibly pulling from the Part A or Part B field instead?

Again, love this addition.

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Nice catch @DonnaPerry2. The fix for the CSV export is going live right now - should be available in about 90 seconds.

~ Dave