Medical Reports

We used to be able to go to Manage → Reports → Medical and then pull up a “Canned Report” menu. That option seems to have disappeared and I can no longer just pull out my allergy reports any more. @AaronStorey Do you know if it moved? I was setting up an event and trying to pull allergies at that event and suddenly I can’t see any of them any more. The only option I have is the Medical Book and it only has Part A, B, and C on it. If I pull the CSV file, where I used to see the allergies, it’s gone.

For what it’s worth, I’m the site admin and have all the permissions. Since we’ve added new girls, I needed to be able to pull that and see their allergies added. It’s like all my allergy lists are gone.


Yea the Reports menu changed and removed the other older reports but many are still useful. Thankfully you can still get to them via Quick Nav and Reports, the Canned Reports are there as well as Custom reports and you can select Go to All Your Reports in the bottom right to get you to the old Reports main page.

THANK YOU!! I never thought to use Quick Nav. I searched and didn’t have any luck. But I found what I needed under there!