Parent member asked to pay for TT Subscription

A parent - who is also a member - is trying to create an account on TroopTrack. It works for a little while, then she gets a message that she needs to subscribe. I’ve issued her an invitation under our troop’s subscription account, but the same thing happens. Been asking around TroopTrack but have had no response yet. She’s been having this problem since 2017. Makes it hard for her to participate in our troop. Anyone elsehave this problem or know why this ONE member (out of 60+ families) is getting this message? Help?

When you asked around at TT did you send a message to and/or create a Help Desk Ticket. It can take some time for the support staff to get back to you but they have always done so in the past for me.
When you say the parent tried to create an account do you mean they signed up for a free trial? If that is the case then I would imagine the e-mail address they used it tied to that trial account and that is what is messing things up. They could try a different e-mail address for your Troop’s account and perhaps that will then allow her to use it. I have never see anything like that before, although I vaguely remember another Community post about something similar, however couldn’t find anything now. I think though the only way to fix this will be to interface with TT staff directly.

Thank you. The problem is now fixed. I appreciate you help.