Members receiving duplicate emails

We are experience the same issue. We have one family that has 6 kids so you can imagine the amount of emails. Thank you for addressing this issue.


I see on Sunday, the reminders sent once every minute to everyone 9/18, 8:06, 8:08, 8:08, 8:09, 8"10, 8:11 AM. EST

Another one went on the 14th at 8:06, 8:07, 80:08

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Same here! Getting 2-4 messages each time. :confused:

I am sure TT staff is aware of this issue and working on it. This is their busiest time of year and Keener has moved on from TT so they are short staffed. This has greatly impacted their ability to respond in the community but they are working behind the scenes.

Just for the record.
all of our gmail and hotmail people are consistently receiving 4 of the same invitation 2-3 minutes apart. There is no one on more than 2 mailing lists (members & their patrol).

I just recieved 8 emails for 2 events. This has been happening for a week or 2 and is affecting most/all in our TT.

We have had to disable event reminders and invites. Please let us know when it is fixed. When they go out, will repeat every minute, each. sometimes more. Not everyone. So I am wondering if it simply be a timeout or server interruption, before the complete flag is sent?

I am also receiving 3-4 copies of our troop’s email’s every time they go out for the past couple weeks. Glad to know I am not the only one. Hoping it can get fixed soon!

This is still occurring 16 days since the initial Bug note. Not positive, but number of emails might be tied to individuals leadership rolls. The SM and I are getting 4 each, our Org. Rep is only getting 3.

We have gone in and turned off future event notifications, but what ever TT did in the last update is really a pain.

As of Sunday, 10-2-22, our troop (AHG and Trail Life) members are STILL receiving multiple e-mails for all event reminders. TroopTracK support - PLEASE GET THIS FIXED! I’ve sent two support requests in and no response so far. Parents are getting really annoyed and important reminders are going unread because of all of the notification they have to wade thru, especially if they have children in both organizations. This has been an ongoing issue for a minimum of 3 weeks now. Thank you.

It is frustrating and they are aware and working on the issue. Unfortunately they are short staffed right now. I have been in touch with TT staff and they are working as quickly as they can. They are focusing on getting things fixed so the time available for communication has been limited.

Last week, we got 4 email reminders for the same event. Today, an automatic email reminder should have gone out, but nothing happened. :frowning:

We are also receiving multiple emails. Has there been a solution yet?

Unfortunately no update on this issue yet.

Our troop is receiving 4 emails for the reminder sent 1 day before event. It is starting to become a concern. Please TT admins, can you respond?

I did contact the TT admins yesterday and they said it has been given to the developers and they are working on the issue.

I got word a fix for this was pushed out this morning and I personally only saw one reminder per event today for meetings tomorrow.

This is happening to various people in out troop. It is not consistent and only started happening over the last 2 months. It does not happen to me (I put myself on mailings I send) but is happening to some still.

Is this still happening? A fix was push out last week to fix this and I am not longer seeing this behavior any longer.

It just happened to us again, this time using “email communications” and using one Custom list and one magic list.

It seems that earlier problems with “event” notifications got fixed, but the “email communication” appears to still have issues.

I understand that TT is short staffed, but frankly they could also communicate with their customers to acknowledge there are issues and let them know where things are working towards a solution. I would find that useful