Not getting emails I send to my den

When I use my external email address to send an email to, I’m not getting the email (my son is in that den, so I should be getting copied). Is it because I’m the one who sent it, and it was sent from the same account it would be sent back to? I’ve confirmed that other parents are receiving the emails.

Is this normal for the TT system, or is something wrong with my account and email address in the system?

Thanks again!

Hi @cubmaster165,

It should send you a confirmation email, but I don’t think it sends it back to the sender. That would be a lot of emails.

Thanks for asking!

Thanks for the reply. It would be nice then if there was at least a
snippet of the message in that confirmation email so I could tell which
email it was part of. I still think it should send it to me if I’m in the
mailing list, but that’s just so I have record of what I sent and when.
Maybe I’m crazy, but it’s hard to keep track of all the communications