Online Registration for Girl Members


Is it possible to use Troop Track to conduct online registration for AHG Girl Members for the Program Year (at the Troop level, not National). I am referring to how we would have done it in person (in previous years) on a registration night but now using Troop Track to do it all online.


Hi @AHGNC2015,

I’m still learning the in’s and out’s of AHG. How does registration work, and what would an online registration look like?


David Keener

That’s an interesting idea.

We have lots of paperwork that needs to be submitted before a girl is invited to join AHG at the National level.

Some of that paperwork could be stored electronically, such as permission slips and the policy signature page (if parents could figure out how to sign it electronically??), but we would still have to collect some things physically, specifically the health forms. No way around that, that I can see.

But if there were a way for TroopTrack to store families’ registration paperwork, that would be great!

Hi @mwestcott1,

You can already store a person’s files on TroopTrack. Simply click on their profile, then go to the “files” tab, and click on “upload a file”.

This would let you store that paperwork if needed, and they could sign it electronically by using a pdf editor or similar service (not provided by TroopTrack).


David Keener

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