Record attendance requires RSVP for adult who has not completed registration even though event doesn't require RSVPs

I’m attempting to record attendance for a troop meeting but it is not recording. I manually check ~60 check boxes and then I select “Update Event” at the bottom of the page. The page reloads (w/ the same check boxes still checked) but no attendance is actually recorded. When I carefully search through the ~170 rows of individuals, there is a highlighted box indicated “RSVP” is required for only 1 person. The event did NOT require an RSVP. The person who happen to require this field has not completed registration. Initially I thought the data saved but it did not.

Suggestions for fixing/improving:

  • Do not require an RSVP from someone if the event doesn’t require RSVPs. Even if the person has not completed registration.
  • Place a banner warning upon page reload indicating not all necessary fields were completed.