Registration Info under Member Details

When I try to update boys that have registered in the last 6 months, I am unable to set the scout’s current level. When I select the appropriate den and click save it says Registration Info Updated, but the current level goes back to blank. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something else that I am missing on how to update this information?

This appears to be a bug.

I reported this to the developers.

In the meantime, in Manage > Dens, if you have a level set for your dens, you can drag and drop the scouts into the new den to change their level. If the scouts are already in the den they should be in, you may create a temporary den and move them to that and back or just move them one at a time to a different den and back to make the change.

Thanks for the work around. That worked and I really do appreciate the help.

Max Blake

This issue has been happening for the last three weeks. Any idea when it will be fixed? When I create a report where I need the school grade I have to log into AHG Connect for the info.