Registration Information Question

In the Registration Field that shows up in a girl’s profile, there is “Grade” listed. Does this change with the year that the girl is in Troop Track. For example - Suzie is in 1st grade when she signs up. Will that field auto update to 2nd grade for the next year?


Is that something we input manually?

Troop OR0001

Hi @TreasurerOR0001,

Currently, that is not something that changes automatically, but it may be a feature in the future. For now, you will have to change them manually.

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Thank you for the quick response!


Could we get a global “promote all grade levels”? BSA does it from their end after a certain date, but we are not going to download their records every June to get that update. With 130 registered Youth, we need as much automated as possible.

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That sounds like a good solution for this. Please create a separate “Ideas” post for this.

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