Scout not showing in achievement grid, but showing in dropdown

You can see here in the drop down a scout Am… who does not show up in the grid underneath. Selecting her returns 0 rows for any award she has not earned, but she does pop up in lists where she has earned that award.

We aren’t sure what could be causing this.

Hi @SaraBeckwith,

She doesn’t show up for that award because it hasn’t been added to her profile or worked on.

I’m able to see her in the badge book for other awards when filtering down to awards she has on her profile.


David Keener

The other scouts in the grid have not earned or worked on that award either. What makes that scout different than them?

A Scout needs to have an award added to their profile. Go to that Scouts individual account, Achievements Tab, Start Achievement (Might be called Awards in your unit type) Then select the Award you want add to her profile in order for her to start working on it. I know in Cub Scouts things are added automatically based on the level the Scout is in so perhaps her level didn’t get set correctly or there was a glitch and the Award was not automatically added but this is how to fix it on an individual Scout.

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