Scouting Adventure for AOL not available


I am unable to locate the AOL required Scouting Adventure in Trooptrack. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Select the Profile of the Scout you need to add it to then select the Achievements Tab, then select Start Achievement and you can select, Arrow of Light Adventure: Scouting Adventure (2016 +), I believe if you add Arrow of Light Rank (2016 +) it will add the required adventure automatically under the Rank. Typically this happens when a scout is added or promoted at a particular level the Rank and Adventures for that level are added.

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, that does not solve the issue. Each Scout has all of the AOL adventures available to them in trooptrack other than Scouting Adventure. It looks like that particular adventure was never programmed into Trooptrack.

It has been programmed, I see it for my Pack. Perhaps it has been disabled for your group. Go to the Gear menu next to your name and select Manage Active Achievements, make sure it is active.