Scout Purchased Two Tickets Same Event

Summary: Scout was able to purchase two tickets to the same event. Weirdness ensues…

Okay, this is a complicated one, but the situation I was presented with was a Parent wondering why they were charged a fee to sign up as an adult for an event that was free for adults but $X for Scouts (they are separate events–one for Scouts and one for Adults, not one event with two price tiers). The Parent produced two TroopTrack charges on her credit card statement for $X.

Looking into this I found two Orders, both for the Scout and both for the same event (the Scout event):
937404-20568-6fb48e3a - Purchased using Scout’s account
937408-20568-cb58ce5d - Purchased using Parent’s account

Here is what I think happened: Parent went into her account and started to RSVP Scout for the Scout event, but left the ticket in her shopping cart. Sometime later, Parent went into Scout’s account and RSVP’d Scout for the Scout event, incurring the $X charge. A week later, Parent went back into her own account to RSVP for the Adult event, and then proceeded to check out. However, the only ticket in her cart was the Scout’s previously unpurchased ticket to the Scout event. Parent successfully checked out and incurred the second $X charge.

Scout now appears twice on screen related to the Scout event.

Fine, I think, I will just refund one of the two entries for Scout. However, both entries list Order 937408-20568-cb58ce5d and if I refund one, they both disappear and give only one refund. If I re-add Scout, both reappear with that Order number.

I am scared to attempt to test my hypothesis and recreate this mess. Maybe someone else has a test environment they can do this?

I have had some situations somewhat like this however we do not use a payment processor so I didn’t need to worry about an actual credit to a credit card through a payment processor. It seems to me the easiest thing may be to leave TT as it and go into the payment processor directly to refund. Perhaps someone else who actually uses the payment processors will be able to add more. When I have had similar situations I do have to remove all remnants of the order from the different accounts to get everything back to original then add the youth and make the charge.

I also have an attendee that RSVPd and paid twice for the same event for the same participant. This is the first time that I have encountered this. And unlike the OP here, I have no hypothesis for how this might have happened. I assume that TT would prevent an attendee from RSVPing/paying twice, but I am not sure that is the case. But when I look at the RSVP page, I cannot see a way to RSVP twice.

What I am wondering is whether this might be related to the RSVP issues that TT has been having over the past few days that I have seen reported here.

@jp1 That would be my guess as well since the system would show that you are RSVPd and would not let you do it again.