Updated User Guides

Hello - Do you know when the user guides will be updated or if there is any chance that we will get some Youtube videos? Our users and admin could really use some good instructions especially since I am handing over the admin to another person here soon.



This came up recently in another thread and the answer from @KelsieC was they have limited resources to create new guides. I suggested perhaps someone from the Community would be willing to create some things and submit to TT for review and if good enough they could post them.

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I created a PowerPoint I am using with my Pack, I would be glad to share it if TT allows. However, it is more for teaching a Parent (user) how to use it instead of a user guide for leaders.

If you would be willing to let us have/use that PowerPoint (or any other resources that you or other troops have), I would be more than happy to modify them to be applicable for other troops/packs. But like Aaron mentioned, resources are pretty limited. Between the two of us, Spencer and I pretty much keep the site up and running, so that means there is a lot to do and only so much time to do it in.

But if anyone has existing resources, we would be more than happy to find a way to curate them and make them available for other users (with fake data rather than individual troop/pack data, of course!).

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